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A Surprise Honeymoon For Your Lover
Wedding custom used to say that the bride's family paid for most of the wedding, but the groom took care of the honeymoon. These days, it is far more common for the bride and groom to collaborate on planning their post-wedding vacation. However, there is something to be said for the groom sweeping his bride off her feet with a wonderful vacation that he planned especially for her. These are tips for planning a surprise honeymoon that neither of you will ever forget.

Tip number one is to think about your fiancee and what she enjoys. Maybe your idea of a romantic honeymoon is renting a remote cabin in the woods where the two of you can be completely alone. If your bride-to-be loves the fast paced excitement of a big city, she is not likely to be too thrilled to hang out in the woods for a week, even with you. Since it is a surprise for her, try to think about what would please her the most.

Planning a trip can be a big job, especially one as important as your honeymoon. If you've never done it before, think about working with a travel agent. This can come in particularly handy if you are traveling to another country. It will be very helpful to have a professional who can advise you about local customs, give you tips on where to go and what to see, and answer all of your questions. Should you be planning an international honeymoon, be sure to find out what kind of documentation you will need. For instance, if your fiancee will need to get a passport, be sure and tell her many months in advance.

The trip itself will certainly be a thrill, but you may also wish to make some advance bookings for things to do on your honeymoon. For instance, if you are headed to a Hawaii, sign up for a snorkeling expedition, a deep sea fishing excursion, or a helicopter tour of the islands. If your surprise honeymoon plans will take you to Italy, reserve tickets for entry to the top museums and get tickets to the opera or another cultural event. And definitely be sure to find out where the most romantic restaurant in town is, wherever you go. Let her know to bring along a special dress and her pearl bridal jewelry for a special honeymoon dinner.

While being whisked off on a surprise dream vacation is fun, getting there and not having the right stuff isn't. Without giving too much away, it is important to give your fiancee some guidance about what to pack for the trip. Planning a beach trip? Say that you are staying at a hotel with a pool so she knows to pack her swimsuit; she will be prepared, without knowing exactly where you are going. For a trip to a city, she will want to pack more chic clothes and her favorite piece of pearl bridal jewelry. If you will be exploring the Mayan ruins or cathedrals of France, she will need good walking shoes. Should your vacation require specialized equipment that would be a dead giveaway (such as skis for a trip to Aspen), either secretly ship hers ahead or make arrangements to rent what you need upon arrival at your destination.

A secret honeymoon is an incredibly romantic idea. Any bride will feel very special knowing how much care her fiance put into planning a trip that she would love. Be sure to cherish every special moment of your surprise honeymoon!
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